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Analyzing based on 30+ parameters to create easy to understand, clear and useful reports

Free PPC Tools: Competitor Ads Keyword Planner Related Keywords

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Automated PPC Recomendations


Stop wasting money with the help of the Negative Keyword report

We analyze all of your PPC search queries and show all of the keywords with poor performance.


Get more effective clicks with the Add Keywords report

We analyze all of your PPC search queries and show all of the keywords good performance.


Increase Ads CTR with the Optimize Ads report

We analyse all of your ads and show you checklist with corrections.

And there are even more recommendations for once you join

Ad Scheduling Bid Adjustment Report

Locations Bid Adjustment Report

Device Bid Adjustment Report

Display Network content bid adjustment

Combined on one useful Dashboard

Free PPC Tools

Competitor Ads

Find those ads which your competitors are publisizing

Ads Generator

Create hundreds of ads in just a few seconds

Keyboard Planner

Find new keywords for your business

Related Searches

Collect keywords which appear at the bottom of the page

Combine Keywords

Allows you to quickly create a list of keywords and combine them in four columns

And much more once you join




Daily recommendations

Free PPC Tools



Daily recommendations

Free PPC Tools



Daily recommendations

Free PPC Tools


Johannes Kanter
We've been using Promonavi for some time now and it has become one of our go-to tools when it comes to keyword research and competition analysis.
Vadim Yudin
I found Promonavi to be a great addition to our PPC tool stack. Its potential truly shines when managing large accounts with many ad groups as it makes it very easy to create relevant ads at scale.
Maciej Siejka
MASSI Sp. z o.o.
A very interesting solution that helps save and reinvest a certain amount of money, which means that I can develop further.
Michal Jaszewski
Media8 Sp. z o.o.
Thanks to Promonavi tools, it was possible to save a huge amount of time, and the number of clicks increased by 35%, while the budget of the advertising campaign in Google Ads did not increase!